This is not the end…

We are very sad today, as we close SociableBits and Tweetbits all together. It has been fun and a pleasure to get to know everyone through our secret meetups and chats that we have made since 2013 when Tweetbits original launched. If you have learned about Tweetbits / SociableBits at it’s early stage; our app started as an in-house project and grew to something bigger all together. It provided us with an awesome potential, a new look and perspective at developing applications as a team.

However, this is not the end… we are not leaving everyone behind. We are simply moving our minds, thoughts, ideas and work force to other cool things. New apps, new simplification to our powerful world of the internet. We take great pride in what we’ve developed and learned from SociableBits and its community of 12,000 since launch. It was a great run, that ends on a good note. Thank you to everyone whom helped us and we hope to see you around in our next project(s).

Don’t be afraid to come visit us, see what’s new and old or just say hello! at Kenton Web Design.

Thank you!